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Both men and women suffer a high degree of:

At Michelle Barratt Psychology we endeavour to offer all Men and Women the most effective and efficacious treatment they can; with treatment plans formulated through a comprehensive Clinical Intake to ensure your story is heard and understood.  Our practices's environment provides a forum where safety is paramount, and that empathising with the client to ensure they feel heard, with their needs in mind is fundamental to the client feeling trusted and secure.   If you are in need of support, or would just like to inquire about how to go forward please don't hesitate to contact us.  We endeavour to offer a sincere and professional practice to support you in your time of need.


Author: Michelle Barratt - Clinical Psychologist, and Clinical Director of Michelle Barratt Psychology, a Brisbane, Toowong & Redland Bay based Clinical Psychology Practice - Promoting the Therapeutic Care and Therapy for your Health and Wellbeing.


Stress, Anxiety and Depression.

Women today have it seems so much more pressure and stress to deal with than fifty years ago; woman statistically still manage a large proportion of the domestic duties at home as well as manage their family and a career.  It is therefore, not uncommon for many woman to report they feel depressed, anxious, fatigued and demotivated.   


Michelle Barratt Psychology is passionate about meeting woman where they are at; hearing the reality of their journey and understanding their needs.  We are focused on supporting young woman and woman alike to not only discover their own unique strengths within, but to learn to embrace the journey they are on.  We teach women to harness their newfound strengths to empower them to rise above their circumstances and carve out the life their aspire to live. 


Michelle Barratt Psychology is based in Brisbane and the Redland Bay area, and hopes to reach and support the many woman who need to be heard and understood.  This part of their therapy practice is very close to the heart of their business values and hopes to support many woman in the region and community.


Michelle Barratt's Psychological practice for women is to offer women an environment where they can express themselves openly, and truly be themselves - without judgment or prejudice. The psychological sessions offer a secure, respectful, safe and completely confidential environment in order for clients to begin to explore this.


Men and Psychological Therapy

It is becoming more widely known, accepted and better understood that men also suffer incredibly difficult mental health issues; depression, anxiety, addictions and more. Men no longer need to suffer under the code of 'silence' or that 'I am ok, or that 'I am a man I shouldn't feel this way' or 'I am a man I should be tougher and be able to manage'.  It is becoming more and more acceptable for men to access and reach out for support.  Men don't need to suffer alone.

The main aim of therapy is to provide men with the forum and an environment by which they can feel safe enough to express themselves openly, and without any judgement. Psychological sessions offer a secure, safe and completely confidential space. Statistics show that in Australia, it is both men and women that suffer varying and increasing levels of stress, depression and anxiety.  Research has found that most of this is due to both men and women becoming more and more encumbered by the demands of life, leading to high levels of stress. 


Michelle Barratt Psychology hopes that each of their clients through therapy primarily feel understood, and are fundamentally believed to be their own 'change agent', and that the goals they set are effective and achievable.  


The outline of the therapy consults are designed with careful treatment planning in mind; integrating client-centred goals and effective, efficacious intervention strategies discussed with the client.  Michelle requires each client to bear in mind that therapy is a collaborative and respectful process, and that progress can be determined by the clients present circumstances and how they choose to apply themselves.  No outcomes are absolute - it is a process and a journey. 

Author: Michelle Barratt - Clinical Psychologist, and Clinical Director of Michelle Barratt Psychology, a Brisbane, Toowong and Redland Bay Psychology Practice - Promoting the Therapeutic Care and Therapy for Adults.


Depression is a common mental health condition that affects a significant amount of people. While prevalent amongst both males and females, there often is an unwillingness on the part of males to seek treatment, let alone make it known that they are depressed.

Some of the reasons for that may be societal norms or expectations, where men are expected to be strong and tough, or due to gender differences in managing emotions, where men are more likely than woman to withdraw, hide their feelings and, or isolate themselves. Another possible reason is their perceived responsibility for their family; their need to constantly provide and bear responsibility for their significant others. Whatever the reasons are, what is not in question is that when symptoms of depression are left unaddressed the results, or ramifications of such can be extremely damaging, and at its worst fatal.  Unfortunately, even though many men try to hide the fact they have depression, often family members around them suffer,  and watching this unfold before them adds to a males sense of hopeless. At its worst, depression results in suicide, where one simply sees no end to their pain and wants to remove themselves from the hopelessness they experience.   Unfortunately, this can be a turning point for many men, meaning that when they feel that they become a burden to their family, this can trigger a stronger sense of what is the point of me being here leading to stronger feelings of the need to end their life.

Thankfully, there is now greater awareness and acceptance of male depression and an increased willingness to come forward to receive support. Therapy can be extremely beneficial for one who is depressed, as it offers a safe and private environment for one to receive help. If you do need to speak to someone, Joey offers therapy for men who are depressed - there is always help available.

Author: Joey Tai and Michelle Barratt - Clinical Psychologist, Michelle Barratt Psychology, a Brisbane and Redland Bay Psychology Practice - Promoting the Therapeutic Care and Therapy for Adults.



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