Does Your Child Need a Therapist? Where to Find a Clinical Child or Family Psychologist in Brisbane

All children experience emotional ups and downs. Dips in academic performance, trouble with friends, and periods of moodiness may all be perfectly normal. However, there are times when children struggle with more serious issues and need the help of a child psychologist in Brisbane. How can you tell the more.

Treatment for a Child with Anxiety and Where to Find a Clinical Psychologist in Wynnum

When children show signs of anxiety, their parents often think it will disappear on its own – that the child is simply shy or nervous and will grow out of it. Sometimes, that’s the case; other times, the anxiety can become so overwhelming that it can interfere with the child’s quality of life and even the life more.

How Parents Can Support Their Child in Therapy and Where to Find a Clinical Child Psychologist in Cleveland

Is your child working with a child psychologist in Cleveland? If so, you’ve made a great decision to get them the help they need working through their problems in a healthy way. The next step for you is to figure out how to best support your child during therapy and going forward. Here are some tips for more.

Benefits of Therapy for Children and Where to Find a Clinical Child Psychologist in Capalaba

Children and teens – just like adults – often experience problems that affect the way they feel, behave, or learn. Therapy with a child psychologist in Capalaba can be extremely helpful in resolving these issues. In therapy, kids spend time talking about their problems and learning how to work them out. It is more.

How a Clinical Child Psychologist in Redland Bay Can Provide the Support Young Ones Need

It is not unusual for a child to have problems that affect how he or she feels, or those which can potentially impact his or her performance in school. In these instances, evidence-based psychological interventions may be beneficial to address some of the root causes of these issues. At Michelle Barratt more.

What a Clinical Child Psychologist in Manly Can Offer for Adolescents in Need

Mental health is, unfortunately, a term that culturally comes with some baggage, including the idea that if someone has a mental health issue that it’s somehow a character flaw or defect. While this misconception can seriously affect adults who often suffer from unseen psychological problems, it’s more.

Planning to Meet with a Relationship Therapist in Brisbane? Know What to Expect from Couples Therapy, Sex Therapy and Marriage Counselling

When a relationship is stalling or on the rocks, it can be difficult to seek outside help. By definition, things like marriage, sex and love are very personal. Letting another person into that space to help you and your partner or spouse through any difficulties you are having can feel downright alien. It doesn’t more.

How a Therapist Can Help with Eating Disorders and When to See a Brisbane Area Psychologist

Few things are as challenging as living with an eating disorder. While many people suffering from anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder or other eating disorders tend to feel like there is little hope, it’s essential to keep in mind that there are several effective treatment options available that offer a path to more.


How to Get Therapy and Other Forms of BPD Treatment in Brisbane with a Trained Psychologist

Personality disorders, including Borderline Personality Disorder (also known as BPD), can linger for many years without diagnosis or treatment. Only a trained psychologist, psychiatrist or clinician can accurately identify the signs of a personality disorder through detailed interviews and other forms of psychological more.

Looking for a DBT Psychologist in Brisbane? Michelle Barratt Can Help

Dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) was originally used to treat borderline personality disorder. Now, we know that it can also be helpful in people with a range of disorders including depression, eating disorders, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and addiction. At Michelle Barratt more.

Discover How Working with a Psychologist in Toowong Can Help You


Not that long ago, seeking the help of a psychologist in Toowong was surrounded by a certain stigma. Today, that stigma is fading as more people come to understand the benefits of therapy. Millions of people now take advantage of the psychological services available to them to recover more


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