The following information on a good mental health is having an overall sense of ‘positive’ wellbeing mentally; feeling confident, having a well-balanced sense of self-worth, self-esteem, and a sense of identity.  A healthy mental wellbeing is when we are able to fully enjoy and appreciate those around us, feel good in our day-to-day life and function positively in our environment.

Michelle Barratt Psychology aims to provide effective treatments at the highest level; implementing support and treatment that not only endeavours to support a person feel heard and understood, but a treatment plan that empowers their clients to manage their disorder effectively. 


Our therapeutic values aim to support all children, all adolescents, and all adults, couples and family's work through their presenting issues to succeed in their ultimate wellbeing. If you are unsure about what you are dealing with, please don't hesitate to contact us to support you through the next step of either working out what to do or how to proceed with an appointment.

  Basically, when we are mentally healthy, we can:

  • Form positive relationships

  • Maintain those relationships

  • Plan and implement our abilities to reach our potential

  • We can tend to bounce quite quickly back from life’s challenges.

    • How can we improve our mental health?

    • To improve our mental health we need to take responsibility for the way we function in our world and generally when we do this, people feel empowered to implement and maintain the things we need to do to maintain or implement new things for healthy mental living.  Some positive tips on how to maintain a healthy mind are:

    • Find someone you feel you can trust to talk to

    • confide in them regularly and tell them about your thoughts and feelings

    • Find the time to exercise regularly, even if it’s 15 mins a day or 3 x a week

    • Eat healthy meals

    • Eat regularly through the day

    • Sleep healthily: meaning you need to get approximately 7-8 hours of sleep at night and on evaluation of your sleep routine, make sure it is not disturbed sleep.

    • Spend time with friends and loved ones

    • Develop new skills and spend time learning new fun things to do

    • Find time to relax

    • Start up your hobbies again and if they don’t feel like fun to do anymore, find the time to start up a new hobby

    • Set realistic goals; meaning take one goal and break it down into smaller more manageable goals

    • If you are concerned about anything – seek a health practitioner to speak to who can refer you to the appropriate health professional to support you.

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