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Children and adolescents experiencing any kind of sudden, unexpected frightening event that leaves them feeling helpless, vulnerable, extremely insecure and isolated - much of the time, these events leave them very scared and or very numb. 

Most importantly to note, however, is that trauma can come in the shape of many forms, it doesn't necessarely have to only relate to those most associate with trauma like a car accident, or violence.  It can include a fall of some suit, witnessing an event, like their parents being involved in domestic violence or an attack of abuse, being lost or having an accident with the stove, etc. 


However, when a parent knows their child has experienced a trauma, it can become extremely difficult for them to find ways in which they know they are helping their child.  More often than not, witnessing their children’s reactions in their endeavours to cope with the trauma can leave many parents feeling sad and confused as to what to do next. It can be very difficult for parents to know how to support, guide and protect their children from re-experiencing their trauma because children process trauma in many different ways.

Parents need to keep in mind that there are thousands of different types of events that can be experienced and determined by a child as traumatic. What might be traumatic for one child/ adolescent, might not be so for another. However, fundamentally trauma occurs when a sudden, extraordinary, external event overwhelms an individual's capacity to cope and master the feelings brought up in the person by the event.

If as a parent or as an adolescent are reading this page and you are not sure if what you are struggling with is related to a traumatic event, and or you don't believe you are processing or healing from it, please don't hesitate to contact us to support you to understand it further, and perhaps then decide if you need trauma therapy?  Please feel free to read the trauma therapy page on the link provided and or the Child or Adolescent Related Symptoms, and don't hesitate to make an appointment with us today.

Author: Michelle Barratt - Clinical Psychologist, and Clinical Director of Michelle Barratt Psychology, a Brisbane based  Clinical Psychology Practice - Promoting the Therapeutic Care and Therapy for Children and Adolescents who have experienced a Trauma.         


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Michelle Barratt is a Fellow of the Clinical College at the Australian Psychological Society.