Christian Parenting



Taking on the job of parenting is probably one of the hardest things we will ever ever do. Some parents have reported that in a world so far from Christian morals and values, parenting teenagers has become very difficult indeed.


Most parents present that they love their children unconditionally, however, no matter how much we love our children, and while it can be a rewarding and wonderful experience, realistically many parents are presenting to therapy that they are tired, no in actual fact exhausted, exasperated and worse still, confused as to what to do next.


A parents feelings of confusion can be a very frightening feeling as often they are experiencing a whole series of emotions: helplessness, confusion, anger, frustration, little support from their family or their partners leading to isolation and sometimes feelings of desperation. When exploring what is leading them there, most of the time, although parents love their children or teenagers, it’s during negative behavior that is a struggle for them.

Christian Parenting



For example, some of this might be:

  • High levels of conflict

  • Verbal or emotional abuse

  • Tantrums

  • Stonewalling: Refusing to talk, staying in their room all the time, not eating with the family, not answering when spoken to, etc

  • Not being responsive to discipline

  • Not following through with instructions

  • Not completing tasks.


Without a doubt parenting children and adolescents is a tricky and complex business, but you can parent the way you want to through God. Parents who wish to parent alongside God, has a big responsibility as the Word of God instructs mothers and fathers to model mature Christian behavior, to love their children, to care for their needs, to teach the young, and to discipline fairly. (Deut. 6 1-; Prov 22:6; 2 Corin 12:14 )


However, no one can ignore that life’s difficulties can make child-rearing/parenting feel almost impossible some times. Christian Counselling can help guide and support parent/s as they explore any difficulties that may have arisen for them and/or their children; and may include parenting skills training to support the family find its equilibrium again.


It is further re-iterated that Christian Counselling is a safe, non-judgmental and trusting environment, where parents can openly explore their own parenting techniques, as well as identify and build upon the strengths they already have. It is a collaborative process, enabling parents to have a new understanding and perspective, allowing them to raise their children with more clarity and purpose on their journey with God.



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