Does Your Child Need a Therapist? Where to Find a Clinical Child or Family Psychologist in Brisbane


All children experience emotional ups and downs. Dips in academic performance, trouble with friends, and periods of moodiness may all be perfectly normal. However, there are times when children struggle with more serious issues and need the help of a child psychologist in Brisbane. How can you tell the difference?

Normal developmental challenges such as moodiness, stress, and social difficulties should smooth out with patience and support. When one of these issues seems to be growing into more than just a normal childhood phase, though, it may be time to seek help. Consider contacting a clinical psychologist in Brisbane if your child:

  • Seems to have poor self-esteem or feel less confident than normal

  • Has problems in multiple areas such as academic performance, friendships, and family relationships

  • Worries excessively about the future

  • Withdraws from friends, family, or activities once enjoyed

  • Experienced significant changes in appetite or sleeping pattern

  • Exhibits self-destructive or repetitive behaviours such as picking the skin or hair-pulling

  • Engages in negative behaviour more frequently than usual

  • Engages in self-harm

  • Expresses hopelessness or talks about suicide


How to reach out to your child

As a parent, it’s important that you trust your gut if you think something is wrong. You know your child better than anyone, so if something seems “off,” it probably is. It’s far better to seek help unnecessarily than to ignore a serious problem.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your child about what’s going on. Even saying something as simple as, “Do you think we should get some help for this?” can make all the difference. Children are often willing to receive help when it’s offered but may not ask for it because they aren’t sure how. You can then reach out to your child’s paediatrician or a family psychologist in Brisbane. These professionals know how to help parents determine what is and isn’t normal and can provide reassurance as well as recommendations for treatment.

Sometimes, parents hesitate to seek help because they assume that treatment with a family or child psychologist will involve medication or hospitalisation. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Therapy can be effective for a wide range of problems, even those that aren’t severe. This kind of therapy with a clinical psychologist can teach children and family members new strategies for handling problems and different, healthier coping skills. Whether your child is dealing with something serious or just needs a little help navigating the normal challenges of growing up, seeking help can greatly improve their quality of life.

Where to find a psychologist in Brisbane


If you believe your child could benefit from the services of a child psychologist, schedule an appointment with Michelle Barratt Psychology today. We work with clients of all ages, focusing on non-judgmental care and a personalised treatment plan designed to address each person’s specific needs and goals. We provide a professional and ethical service with an emphasis on teaching skills that allow our clients to manage their lives more effectively and to be happier and more fulfilled. Contact Michelle Barratt Psychology today for more information.


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