Benefits of Therapy for Children and Where to Find a Clinical Child Psychologist in Capalaba


Children and teens – just like adults – often experience problems that affect the way they feel, behave, or learn. Therapy with a child psychologist in Capalaba can be extremely helpful in resolving these issues. In therapy, kids spend time talking about their problems and learning how to work them out. It is a great way to cope with stress and learn healthy ways to communicate.

Psychologists can help with a wide variety of problems. They can help children and teenagers experiencing issues at school such as bullying, family problems, or serious health concerns. They can also help with difficult feelings such as anger, sadness, anxiety, low self-esteem, and grief. Kids with conditions such as depression, ADHD, eating disorders, and disruptive behaviour disorders can also benefit from the services of a psychologist in Capalaba.

How does therapy work?

When children encounter problems that they can’t deal with alone, therapy can help. Sometimes, it’s useful to involve the entire family in learning healthier ways to communicate and set boundaries. Most kids learn by doing, so therapy for children often includes activities such as playing and drawing as well as talking. Therapists provide support and praise as children learn; they help their young clients identify their strengths and believe in themselves. These healthy thinking habits can set kids up for success in their relationships, at school, and even in their careers years later. The therapist might meet with the child alone or together with their parents or other family members, depending on the child’s age and specific needs. They might also meet with parents alone to give them ideas and tips for helping the child at home.

What to expect

When your child visits a clinical psychologist, they will probably want to meet with you and your child together at first to discuss the issues your child is experiencing. Then, your child will see the therapist alone. During these visits, children can expect to spend time talking and expressing their feelings, participating in activities such as drawing or breathing exercises, practicing new skills such as self-control or listening, or problem solving as they discuss how their issues affect their home or school life. Sessions are usually once a week for a few months, but frequency and duration depend on the child’s needs and treatment goals.

Where to find a clinical psychologist in Capalaba


At Michelle Barratt Psychology, we provide therapy services for children and adults who are dealing with problems such as depression, eating disorders, anxiety, trauma, and relationship issues. Our child psychologists offer professional and effective therapy for the many issues kids face at school, at home, and online. We can provide an assessment to evaluate your child’s needs and help us tailor a treatment plan to help them learn and grow. Let us be there for your child during their time of need, always ready to provide helpful support, encouragement, and guidance. Contact Michelle Barratt Psychology today to book an appointment.


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