How a Clinical Child Psychologist in Redland Bay Can Provide the Support Young Ones Need


It is not unusual for a child to have problems that affect how he or she feels, or those which can potentially impact his or her performance in school. In these instances, evidence-based psychological interventions may be beneficial to address some of the root causes of these issues. At Michelle Barratt psychology, concerned parents and guardians can get their children the help and support they need from a clinical psychologist in Redland Bay.

Services a Professional Psychologist Can Offer

Parenting is not easy, and this is especially true when it’s apparent that children are struggling with a potential psychiatric disorder or a learning disability. Many parents know that their young ones are having difficulty but may not be sure if therapy is an appropriate response. The very fact that a child can develop serious psychological issues like anxiety or depression is something that may come as a bit of a surprise. When combined with a slew of confusing or incomplete information online, it is easy to see why parents may not be sure how to respond to their children’s needs.

Ultimately, parents and legal guardians are the ones who know their children best, and who can best say whether a child needs professional intervention. That’s why it’s advisable for parents to act on their gut instincts that tell them when something isn’t right, and to not dismiss any signs that their child may perhaps be struggling more than their peers.

A child psychologist in Redland Bay can assess children for a wide range of potential psychiatric or developmental issues and offer evidence-based approaches, including counselling, to address these problems in a confidential and supportive environment. After evaluating the child in a clinical setting, the psychologist will be able to provide parents and other caretakers with the information they need to make an informed decision regarding their child’s care, including possible options for therapy or other forms of treatment. Michelle Barratt Psychology offers these services and more for families looking for a psychologist in the Redland Bay area.

Scheduling an Appointment with a Psychologist in Redland Bay


Michelle Barratt Psychology provides therapy for children and adolescents that addresses several common psychiatric concerns, including ADHD, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and school-related issues including bullying and stress management. We provide evidence-based treatment in a secure, supportive and warm environment where children can feel safe to confide in one of our trained clinical psychologists whatever is troubling them. A clinical psychologist at our Redland Bay location can also provide necessary assessments to diagnose any underlying issues, including those related to learning or cognition.

In addition to our work with adolescents, we also help families develop the necessary parenting skills that they need to communicate effectively with their children and to best support their development. Because parenting is rarely simple, and no two children are alike, sometimes having a little extra guidance from a trained psychologist can go a long way toward helping parents and other caregivers build their parenting skills and improve their relationship with the children under their care.

To schedule an appointment with one of our trained clinical psychologists, be sure to contact us by either email or phone. A member of our team will be ready to assist you shortly and can also answer any enquiries you may have before you schedule your first visit.


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