Planning to Meet with a Relationship Therapist in Brisbane? Know What to Expect from Couples Therapy, Sex Therapy and Marriage Counselling


When a relationship is stalling or on the rocks, it can be difficult to seek outside help. By definition, things like marriage, sex and love are very personal. Letting another person into that space to help you and your partner or spouse through any difficulties you are having can feel downright alien. It doesn’t help that processes such as sex therapy and marriage counselling often have a stigma attached to them. However, the truth is that seeking relationship therapy in Brisbane does not have to be uncomfortable. On the contrary, knowing that you are taking steps to salvage and repair a loving relationship can be an extremely empowering step for couples to take.

Michelle Barratt Psychology is a psychology practice which focuses, in large part, on relationship counselling. If you and your partner are seeking couples therapy in Brisbane, Dr Barratt can help. However, before you make your first appointment, it is a good idea for you to know what to expect from the type of therapy or counselling you are seeking.


About Marriage Counselling, Couples Therapy and Sex Therapy

Marriage counselling, couples therapy and sex therapy may sound like completely different things, but they all have core aspects in common. For instance, if you and your partner decide to pursue marriage counselling in Brisbane, you are likely seeking ways to reconnect with your spouse. Over time, long-term couples can sometimes drift away from one another. Perhaps their interests shift and they lose commonalities, or maybe other things fill up their lives and they do not have as much time to devote to one another as they once did. The process of finding common ground again and re-establishing opportunities for deep connection is crucial to making the partnership work again. Marriage counselling is about giving couples the long-lasting skills they need to maintain these emotional connections.

Couples therapy is not dissimilar in its aims. Again, the focus is on supporting couples and helping them connect with one another in meaningful ways once more. Dr Barratt’s methods are focused on examining the background of each partner, to determine how that person views the management of relationships and bedrocks of communication and emotional support. In cases where there have been past incidences of pain or betrayal in the relationship, the therapy will focus on developing a framework with which both partners can work through the hurt together.

Seeing a sex therapist in Brisbane is something that couples often seek concurrently alongside couples therapy or marriage counselling. In a romantic relationship, being able to connect sexually is a crucial part of connecting emotionally. If couples are unable to connect in this fashion, it can cause problems in other areas of the relationship. Sex therapy focuses on supporting couples and helping each member of the relationship understand the needs and desires of the other. The goal, again, is reconnection.

Work with Dr Barratt for Couples Counselling in Brisbane


If you are seeking couples therapy in Brisbane then call our practice, Michelle Barratt Psychology. Dr Barratt will work sensitively and confidentially with you and your partner to identify barriers to connection and work towards bridging them. To schedule your first appointment, or to learn more about how our couples counselling in Brisbane works, contact us today.


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