Creating Healthy Families through Separation and Divorce



Families these days exist through many different means, whether it’s a nuclear family, single family, step-family or blended family, but the breakup of any family can be extremely painful for every member of the family.


Unfortunately, more often than not, there are many reason why a family have to separate and some of these are:

  • The result of high conflict

  • Relationship breakdown

  • Physical, emotional, verbal or sexual abuse

  • Couples that simply drift apart,

  • Infidelity External pressures or stresses from work,

  • The stress of parents having to live away from home for long periods of time,

  • A sick child,

  • The loss of a child or parent,

  • Financial stress


… and the list goes on.

Creating Healthy Families After Separation and Divorce



No matter what the reason, this time for a family can be extremely stressful and insecure; often leaving parents or other members of the family with many decisions to make. The impact of family breakdown often leaves family members involved feeling overwhelmed, confused and sometimes very fearful of what their future might bring; leaving them with a sense of vulnerability. Often it is through this time that family members need support.


Michelle Barratt can offer individual counselling, or counselling for parents, couples or just the children/or adolescents and for the family.


Michelle’s counselling techniques cover a wide range of interventions and strategies to assist either family, individuals, parents, couple’s, children and or adolescents process and deal with the massive changes they are experiencing.


Family separation or divorce does not mean the end of that family

Many families through therapy can find their way to building more positive relationships through the art of listening, more positive communicating, negotiation, etc.


Family therapy can provide the support and skills a family and its members can learn and discover to functioning as a new or ‘different’ family, however the relationships in the family can still become and remain as positive.


Michelle Barratt’s counselling is entirely client-focused as she supports and guides her clients through their therapy and journey to healing and recovery. Depending on the issues presented in therapy, will thus depend on the style of intervention she uses, but with families, family-systems therapy and emotion focused therapy is mostly utilised as well as many other types of styles, but this can be discussed with Michelle when you meet with her.



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