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Parenting Can Be A Tough and Thankless Job

The job of parenting does not come as they say in a 'parenting manual' uniquely designed and developed for the parenting life of your child. Some people say ‘parenting’ is the hardest job a person will ever do, even though they will also say it is extremely rewarding.

Many parents find themselves in a position where they just don't know what to do next.  Don't feel you are alone, they are many parents who at least once in their lifetime seek support.

We know and understand that even when parents attend the clinic with children in tow - looking tired, confused and worn out, they do still of course love their children dearly, but that it might just mean that they need a little help.  This is because parenting, depending on the developmental age of the child can be produce some extremely difficult challenges for parents, and can many a time feel like a thankless job; especially when the journey of parenting appears to shed no light at the end of the tunnel.  Some parents start sessions with us stating they are fed-up, and that have tried every trick in the book.  It seems that one day one strategy works, and the next day it doesn’t – they report to feel at the end of their tether and cannot take it any more.  Please know that these feelings are common for many parents and that developing different strategies and skills can pave the way to a much more successful and rewarding parenting journey.

At Michelle Barratt Psychology we can provide the support and direction you need to build and develop more effective parenting strategies.  

Our Counselling Techniques

Building Parenting Skills and parenting counselling provides parents a safe and a completely non-judgmental and empathic forum for you to discuss the issues you are experiencing in your family.  It allows parents and families to explore their existing parenting techniques against new skills that parents learn as they move through the cousnelling sessions.  The sessions process, is without a doubt, a collaborative and respectful process, that endeavours to understand each issue separately.  Each issue can be discussed transparently and openly so that understanding how your parenting styles have impacted on your children can be fully understood. This is a crucial part of the process so that learning new skills can be implemented with more clarity, purpose and meaning – you hopefully won't feel like you are fumbling in the dark anymore.

Parenting Support & Skill Building 

Michelle Barratt Psychology offers particular parent therapy that will help Tweak Your Parenting Skills'.  Parenting Skills Counselling and Training can most definitely help to clear the fog, and provide support and guidance on how to parent your children more effectively and leave you feeling much more confident in the skills you are using. 


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