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Not that long ago, seeking the help of a psychologist in Toowong was surrounded by a certain stigma. Today, that stigma is fading as more people come to understand the benefits of therapy. Millions of people now take advantage of the psychological services available to them to recover from a traumatic event, overcome a disorder such as depression or anorexia, or to stay as mentally healthy as possible. If you are considering making a psychologist appointment in Toowong, let Michelle Barratt Psychology help.


Tips Regarding Your Clinical Psychologist in Toowong


If you are planning to see a psychologist for the first time, it’s normal to feel some anxiety. You will have to talk openly about a personal problem and your life including your family, relationships, and background – with someone you don’t even know. However, most people leave their first therapy session with a feeling of hope and positivity, wondering why they didn’t do this sooner. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your appointments.


  • Be honest. If you withhold information or alter facts, you’re wasting your time. Even when asked potentially challenging questions such as how much you drink each day or how often you feel depressed, tell the truth. It’s the only way to ensure an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

  • It’s okay to feel nervous. If you are nervous, know that it’s a perfectly normal response. If you discover that it’s difficult to find the words you need to say, express this feeling to your therapist. It will help break the ice and help your therapist get to know you a little better.

  • Trust your instincts, but don’t jump to conclusions. First impressions can be tricky. You should feel welcome when you arrive. Your therapist’s office should feel comforting to you, and their manner should present him- or herself as a partner in your care. Keep in mind, however, that it can take a little time to feel comfortable with someone new. Give your therapist a fair chance but trust your gut if you feel it’s not a good fit.


The Importance of a Clinical Psychologist in Toowong


If you are dealing with issues such as PTSD, anxiety or depression, or an eating disorder, it’s essential to seek professional help to avoid serious consequences. Even if you are having some minor problems at work, in relationships, or any area of your life, therapy is often helpful in teaching skills such as stress management and effective communication. Here are a few ways everyone can benefit from seeing a psychologist in Indooroopilly or Toowong.


  • To organise your thoughts

  • To deal with past events in a healthy way

  • To talk with an objective third party

  • To learn stress-management skills

  • To receive recommendations for further care if necessary


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If you are considering seeking psychological help, contact Michelle Barratt Psychology. We provide therapy services for a range of issues including eating disorders, borderline personality disorder, depression and anxiety, bipolar disorder, and more. With two convenient locations and a staff of caring, qualified professionals to help provide solutions, we can assist you in finding the answers you need. Contact us today.


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