When Not To Seek Conflict Resolution.



Please understand that if domestic abuse has been experienced or is being experienced in your relationship, then it is highly advisable prior to seeking Conflict Resolution Counselling or support, to first obtain individual counselling. This is so that through individual counselling you can repair and heal some of the pain you might be experiencing presently. Each parties need to be in a place where they can safely say they can emotionally deal with any type of ‘Conflict Resolution Counselling’.


If you are experiencing any type of relationship abuse (sexual, verbal, physical or mental abuse) – please explore this link please seek the professional help or support you need.


No relationship counselling or conflict resolution can be sought if any type of abuse is occurring in your relationship.


However, if you require individual counselling for any abuse you are experiencing, please feel free to seek the services you feel will provide the best for your needs or you may book an appointment with Michelle Barratt online.


When Not To Seek Conflict Resolution...








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